Nintendo announces new Paper Mario for the Switch in July


Without A Direct? Not a problem! Nintendo announced on the morning of Thursday (14), and in the surprise of the game “Paper Mario: The Dog King”, a new title in the franchise of the arcade of the main sole of the company. To the router, it even will be released in almost two months, on the 17th day of July!

The news happens in “Color Splash” (2016) will be available on Wii, Wii U, and that has not been there as much-loved by critics and fans alike. In the trailer for the new adventure, a kind of princess (or is she?) it leads to the release of paper Mario to her castle where he is imprisoned. Along with his partner, Olivia’s, it would make unlikely allies, including a story mode, battle against the soldiers of the crafts and their leader, King, Olly.

The video shows several scenarios of the game, which seems to merge with the exploration of a map of linear battles, in turn, as in the classic titles in the series. The game is available to pre-order the digital e-Shop from Nintendo, for$ 60 – about$ 350. In the brazilian store, and the game is not yet available.

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