Salma Hayek thought her husband was cheating on-to-the-account-of-application –


Considered to be one of the actresses most beautiful in the movie, Salma Hayek has revealed that he was on the point of ending their marriage because he thought that he was being betrayed. Who is married to billionaire François-Henri Pinault, she has come to confront her husband about it, and was surprised by what she found. She told the story during a recent visit to talk show ” with Jimmy Fallon.

When asked about what language you speak to communicate with her husband, the actress, who is mexican, told me that in his house, on the English language is the official language, but both she and Francis have the accent wrong. “I don’t know how my daughter doesn’t have an accent that bad, because my house is a disaster,” he said. It was then that Salma decided to encourage her husband to improve our English, but it never touched on the subject.

According to her, one day, she was sending him a message when she saw the cell phone of the husband the following text: “Hi, this is Elena. If you want to improve your English, you have to practice it. Would like to do now?”. Salma Hayek, then, a suspect in the case of an affair with her husband.

“I am a mexican woman, then you know that it’s a situation that just doesn’t end well,” he joked. “I was very angry, and said: ‘tell her that I, too, speak English, and you may want to practice with me,” he said. It was then that her husband did not understand what was going on, then realized the misunderstanding.

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In fact, Elena was Elsa, the famous application for teaching of the English language. According to Frank, he just wanted to learn how to pronounce the best words in the English language. Now, according to the actress, nominated for an Oscar, and the couple laughed at the event.