Shocked! Kylie Jenner, to impress the fans with a photo of the super-produced his driver’s license, “That’s not fair, come see!!!


While a lot of people like to hide their photos in 3×4 and taken to the documents, Kylie Jenner, is just as proud of that has made it a point to post it on the social networks. And it’s not in the least! Maquiada, and with her hair done up, the manager actually came out very beautiful in a click. It would be our dream come true?!

Has he had his permission to drive on his birthday 16 years ago, in the year 2013. In June of last year, and she shared it on the social networks, you have to renew the document by the department, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, california, and have now decided to share the result in the preview.

The mother-of-Stormi has released the click on Instagram on the night of this Wednesday (the 13th) with an emoji of a heart, and a shopping cart by releasing the smoke. She has cut out all of the important data in the wallet, and left only a photo with a date of birth: 10 August 1997.

If she had posted a photo of the outside of the document, we never would have said it was a 3 in×4 in, isn’t he? In the comments to the publication, the majority of the followers of the goddess has agreed to. My wallet will definitely not like this”and laughed , not a fan club. “That’s not fair. Like, how!?!”, and he was angry with the other.

“Kylie Jenner tweeted a photo of her 3 x 4 of your driver’s license. I was in complete shock as to as well the woman came out beautifulsaid one web user. “Kylie Jenner, the only person able to get the cat to a picture of a driver’s license”he commented the other.

“Kylie Jenner’s face with the picture of a driver’s license, but not really a beast”joked a young man. “The picture of the Case on the driver’s/ My participation in the driver license”she commented that the other, by comparing the two pictures are very out of whack.

“And, in the Case that it comes out pretty even in the photo for a driver’s license as long as I can’t even get a decent picture to post on Instagram”lamented one user of the Twitter account. “All I ask of you is that my next photo for a driver’s license is as good as when it’s in the Case”stated in another.

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