Taylor Swift gives the more sweet in the world to a fan’s home after such a lovely act


We all know that Taylor Swift he loves to give gifts to the fans, and this time, she was touched by the story and super cute.

The fan In This Text, from the age of 11, he sent a letter to the super nice to the postman of the neighborhood in which it lives and thanking them for their work during the pandemic, the coronavirus, and has said that sending letters is a very important part. That is the human being’s incredible, isn’t he? While most people her age are playing video games, you do not have access to the eye of the social network, the girl with continuing to develop the skill of writing with the hand and sending out letters.

Anyone who was touched by this act of the Taylor Swiftfound out that a girl has always made references to his songs in the charts that you sent. So she decided to make a little surprise and sent it for a present for the In – accompanied by a letter.

The father of the girl he used Twitter to share these events, ” said Taylor sent them a perfume, a merch in different sizes, and a hand-written letter with a drawing. He revealed that he had not been on very much for the package and see that it was written “To, Tay.”

“After taking a deep breath, we sat down in the living room and opened the box. The first thing I had to was when he began unwrapping the package, and the smell of it was like ‘the smell of happiness’, in accordance with the Located. And the smell of happiness filled the room, my friends, and it lasted for two hours.”

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He told me that they shed tears, and not because they have received the gift of Taylor’s celebrity .and yes, for the act of beautiful as much of a singer when it’s his own daughter.

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