The journalist says that She Heard it will not be released for ‘Aquaman 2,’ even after the controversy with his Wife


In the last few months-long legal dispute between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was subjected to a series of unexpected twists and turns, with a number of witnesses claim that the actress has created false evidence against her ex-husband, and that the alleged injuries on their face to have been forged in the east.

Recent reports have indicated that it is due to these allegations, Heard you can be arrested, which has led many fans to question whether this can lead to the dismissal of the actress in the wake of the Aquaman, where he plays a Mere. However, according to the reporter Umberto Gonzalez, from The Side, there is the possibility – at least for the time being.

“No, Amber Heard has not been ‘released’ from the AQUAMAN 2”.

Apparently, time Warner doesn’t want to make hasty decisions before the justice, to determine its verdict. After all, when I was with Johnny Depp, on the other side of the situation, the studio continued to focus on it, keeping the player in the role of the main antagonist of the franchise All The Amazing Animals.

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