Travis Scott’s turn to call out Kylie Jenner for his “beautiful wife”


Maybe Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, they are already back together. By the sounds of the speech of Her Flame, at the Festival, Astroworld, at the end of this week, that might be the case.

According to various sources, including The Blast, the superstar addressed the crowd in Texas, they just get one save it to their main system of support, and referred to Jenner as his “beautiful wife”. Of course, the message was confusing because of all the rumors we’ve heard about your separation and divorce.

In the last month, it was rumored that Kylie was looking at Drake, “together”, showing up at his birthday party, and once again, being with the artist as well. To him it was not to be bothered by the drama in their personal lives, and now, it seems that he and his ex-girlfriend, now they can be together again. Jenner and her daughter Stormi, Webster, were also present at the Festival, Astroworld, and Travis made it a point to talk to them for as long as he had.

Here’s the full story on the website, and Rap the Most.

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