Valuable moments: take the time to enjoy each and every one of his children


It is common to associate valuable moments with your family programs, out-of-home, tourism, tours, restaurants, the cinema, the theatre, the park… Or in other words: all that we can do at these times of the years. But if we believe that the valuable moments they have as much to do with investing in the time, we will be able to better develop each and every minute with the people you really care about.

And this is the phase of the lock-down is a great opportunity to schedule valuable moments, and the individual, with each person in the family. You just take the time everyday to do something unique with each and every one of the children, and also with your partner? “This is a great way to create, connect and cultivate relationships individually,”says Beth P. Rodriguez, educational consultant, and one of the major landmarks of Brazil, in the Positive Discipline method, which he proposes to educate the children in a way that is at once respectful and encouraging.

The activity doesn’t have to be a long one, but yes, it is something that is possible, within the availability of the parents. “The important thing is the quality of that time together,” said the teacher. Below, she gives a few suggestions for you.

What you can do in order to create valuable moments with their children according to their age

For very young children – The father or the mother, it can combine with a time of day, to talk, to play and to have fun along with your child. The activity is to be carried out may be defined at one time by the adult of the child. “The idea is not to force you to be messing around with your son, they know us and they know if you’re enjoying their company or not. So teach, play, and games from his childhood, to read books, talk to each other,” says Beth. It reminds us that children love to hear stories about when they were babies, and the mere fact of receiving attention from the parents, and to share that moment together, I will leave you very happy. To do so, it is worth to use creativity, design, fantasy, creating characters, puppets, masks, and stories made up, or even tingling and quit rolling around on the floor, they are valid!

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For adolescents, At this age, parents need to be skillful in some ways. In general, young people tend to find it annoying with all the parents to offer and live it locked up in your room with your headphones, not wanting too much interaction with the family. To schedule a time that is special, even if it’s not daily, it can be a great way to connect with your teen. It is important to make it clear that the goal is to spend some time having fun with it. And please note: at this point in time, nothing to preach or complain about it. Here are a few ideas:

  • To make a physical activity together, up and down the stairs of the apartment building, in a classroom, online, and dance to the beat of a song, or playing a sport.
  • Combine it with a cultural activities – a movie, a series, a show, a stand up or a live band. Or even play a game; it’s a chance to teach your child to play in the hole on the left side, checkered, Image, and Action, War… The parents have to come up with something that will be perfect for your child, you will accept the invitation.
  • To carry out a the task of domestic When asked to help, rather than be forced to collaborate with the young people may be more likely to “turn around”. This is to prepare your own meals, write a shopping list for the grocery store, and maybe even to do the shopping, wash the clothes, or the dishes, make your own bed… and That’s all that can be agreed upon between the parents and the children, but each of us can contribute so that no one feels overwhelmed.
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“This is a great way to show children that we are with them and that you really care about them,” says Beth. For this reason, she said, it is interesting to use the electronics, not to mention school, or work, in this moment, the idea is to have fun.

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And when the kids want to have fun with your parents?
If this is the case, then the parents are to show you are available to listen to young people, getting close to them, in the living room or the kitchen. * Please note, with interest, discreet, and silent, stay with them, no phone or anything in your hand, you can show love and affection. And if they ask you why you’re there, say something like, “no, just I’m wondering’, it is recommended to an expert in positive discipline.

Valuable moments with your partner?

It should not be forgotten (the)! The novel does not have to end because of the quarantine. “Try to create special moments between the couple. A ransom is something you like to do together, which is a long time does not make it, or just have fun together…. Keep in mind that our children learn from our example , completes the House.

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