Why Taylor Swift may not sing his greatest hits at the gala where they recognize it as Artist of the Decade


Taylor Swift become

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Swift has been awarded as the Artist of the Decade by the American Music Awards

The war between Taylor Swift and the owners of their songs has reached a new limit, arousing a wave of solidarity of their followers on social networks.

The american singer reported on Twitter that his performance in the gala of the American Music Awards (AMA), where he would be honored as Artist of the Decade, is in doubt because he has been prohibited from performing their own songs.

Swift said to his followers that the managers musical Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta prevent you from interpreting themes of his previous albums, whose rights belong to these two men, with which the artist maintains a dispute since several months ago.

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Swift said that it was also in danger not to be a documentary about his life for Netflixbecause Braun and Borchetta prohibit re-record the themes or use them for the audio-visual.

The BBC has contacted with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta to know your opinion.

Swift has told the recent controversy in a long post on Twitter, saying “I don’t know what else to do”.

“Right now, my performance in the AMA, my documentary Netflix, and any other recorded event that has until November 2020, are a question,” he wrote.

The artist with no rights

In June of 2019, Swift revealed that the original recordings of their early songs had been sold to Braun for his label, and says that no one informed him of that.

At that time, the singer accused Braun of trying to dismantle his own career. Stated that the also representative of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato, has made him “a incensante and manipulative bullying“.

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Swift says that Braun tries to destroy his musical legacy. The manager has not responded to these comments, but its represented Lovato and Bieber have said that Swift made this public to win the sympathy of its followers.

The singer confirmed in August that it planned to re-record the songs of their first six albums in order to have the rights of the new versions.

The Artist of the Decade according to LOVES

Swift has been named the American Music Awards as the artist of the decade and is supposed to be in the gala celebration sing several of their successes.

But in his statement Thursday, he said that Braun and Borchetta prevent they sing their old songs on tv, arguing that this would re-record their music and they are the owners of the rights until the next year.

Swift denounced in addition that also blocked the use of music more old in the film from Netflix on your life.

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The artist also states that Borchetta told your computer that only you will be empowered to do so if you do not re-record their songs for next year and stop talking about the two of them.

“The message that has sent me is very clear. Basically, I know a good girl and shut up. Or you will be punished”, wrote in Twitter.

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Swift asked its supporters to put the pressure on Braun and Borchetta to change their mind. The songwriter and singer asks his fans that appeal to other artists that they represent.

The followers responded with two tags that are already trending on Twitter: “IStandWithTaylor“and “FreeTaylor“.

What business interests or personal?

When Braun bought Big Machine for a good part of the copyright of Taylor Swift for US$300 million in June, Tim Ingham, analyst on the music industry that he founded Music Business Worldwide, explained to the BBC that this type of contract were common before the transmission of music over the Internet.

“Unfortunately for Taylor Swift, she began to record in the time in which the industry depended on the radio, and you needed record labels to accelerate your music to the radio, especially in country music in Nashville, where Big Machine (the label that signed Taylor when she was 15 years old) had a lot of power”, explains the expert.

“And also, at that time dependías of the physical distribution of compact discs to arrive to the stores. She needed a label that would invest a large amount of money in order to boost his career.”

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Scotter Braun bought a good part of the musical work of Swift in June.

Mark Sutherland, editor of the publication about the trade musical Music Week, agrees with Ingham in the business decision of Braun is more money than a private dispute.

“Many of these songs will be a small gold mine in the streaming, because they are successes of the pop music that survive in time, and that will be transmitted by the Internet the next 20, 30 or 40 years.”

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