At the age of 5, but the ZaZa attracts the attention of Kim Kardashian, and Sabrina Sato


At the age of 5, the rapper and singer ZaZa had already racked up more than 1.7 million fans on Instagram. Celebrities with brazilian and international, are among the admirers of the little girl. The column Cláudia Meireles been a fan of the work of the Zaza, the reason why it’s small, it deserves your attention.

The mother of Zoe, tv presenter Sabrina Sato accompanies the singer’s home. The stars, Naomi Campbell, Justin bieber, and Hailey, Bieber also gave posts to the small one.

For A free account and singer and loved it, also the first of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West,,, 6 years of age. The girl has been inspired by the artist’s home, to make a presentation during the parade of the brand name of the father, and of the Yeezy, in mid-march. Even Kim said that it wants to promote a match between her daughter and the artist.

She was born in middlesex county, in the United States, the Zaza has a true name, the Zahara Display. Genuine, fun, real, and sincere are the qualities that are attributed to the very small. It draws looks wherever it goes, of course, in the company of their parents, Nemo Achida, and Bammy Bean.

The real name of the girl is Zahara Coral

The small viralizou when she starred in a video, dancing to the music of Water’, the rapper ScHoolboy Q in August of 2019. The recording had so many shares that the ZaZa has been called up to participate in the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and performed under the direction of the DJ, and dancer Stephen tWitch Boss. “I had to get to know her,” he said.

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At the end of the program, the united states has shown that it has a lot of character to be set as your the song a favorite. The audience was laughing. During the meeting, the ZaZa told me that he likes to sing and dance. Of course, after the chat, the ” child took over the stage. She made a show of hit A Hot Shower, Chance The Rapper, in partnership with DaBaby & MadeinTYO.

ZaZa on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
The little girl on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

The owner of a success-Last Night, Diddy asked the child star to a live the music for the purpose of raising money to donate to the health-care professional. In the space instagramável of the room, she had to see during the show online and thanks for the invitation the song.


In addition to the tone of the music perfectly, and the artists are very impressed with the execution of the steps of the dance, played by a young girl. Once you pop the cover of the Water she tried to release her own songs, the first one being-What-I-Do?” (What do I do I do it?, in the English translation).

ZaZa, in the company of friends

The video for the song received over 16 million views on the YouTube channel of the ZaZa. The account that you are the more than 342-thousand subscribers. In it, there is a positive out of the girl: That’s The Ninth (That Is, in the English translation), developed in partnership with rapper teen That Girl Lay-a-way Lay-a-way; and, that Money Comin In, Money is Coming in, in the English translation).

This Thursday-Friday (13/05), the small one has released more music as he promised to the fans.

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Also known as the Girls Run Everything, and the hit he had a it looks in the clip, posted on Instagram. The piece has accumulated more than 275 thousand views in just 7.

As a child of his own age, ZaZa loves to play

Swimming in polka dots with purple, bedroom color pink, and a wall of posters that make up the landscape of the new production. It will be in the ZaZa in the new great music. So, Alicia Keys and Naomi Campbell, no doubt about it. The singer-and-model, respectively, and proved to be a strong and passionate sympathy for the girl.

Check out the below video:

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