Bella Thorne and Anne Mongeau is tretando it’s ugly because the ex-boyfriend of the actress?


It seems that the mood is not good, in between all the ex-girlfriends-Bella Thorne and Anne Mongeau.

The relationship between the actor and the empowering has been a snowball effect. They started dating and a short time later, in the year 2018, the rapper in Mod Sun it ended up being part of this trisal. As time passed, this love triangle has come to an end, and each one has followed a path, but it seems that the past is never left behind.

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At the beginning of April, a rumor circulating on the internet assuming that it Was, and the singer were dating after sharing the videos together…. Apparently, they are going to quarantine in the same house, and on Saturday, a 2, a discussion about the so-called relationship. The empowering has released a new vlog, and he said that he was having a bit of beef with a ex. In the video, she said:

A second, 11 in the messages. Do I have to connect it to this av**a”

A few hours later, she revealed that she has spent all of its energy in this fight and it’s obvious that the fans have started to notice the things you do. Anne did not reveal who it was bullshit, but the fans were the dots and realized who she was talking to Bella Thorne because of the relationship with Mod Sun, they were taken seriously in the past. One fan tweeted:

“I am sure that it is the former that is in the Bella Thorne”

We are still not 100% sure, but they always end up solving regardless of the bullshit. One can only hope that this doesn’t become a snow ball bigger. Check out the video: