Bella Thorne post photos of you crying after you find out that the ex is going to marry


Bella Thorne and Anne Mongeau began to get together in the fall of 2017

Bella Thorne he was surprised to learn that Anne Mongeauyour ex-girlfriend will get married with Jake Paul. The actress posted photos of herself crying in her second account of Instagram, which usually share memes, and zoeiras, and yet he wrote in the caption: “When your ex gets engaged”. The post is a funny side to it, but you can see that he was affected by the news in any way.

bella thorne-roll-gif


In addition to this, Bella had just finished posting on your main account, a photo with Anne, wishing you a happy birthday. “Between the ups and the downs. I love you, happy birthday to your girl lovely and special,” says the caption. I! It seems that it is the end of the two-it was very quiet, because Anne has also responded in a way that was, well-amazing thing that will ever love you on the show.


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