BLITZ, Selena Gomez crying to listen to Others Eilish


Selena Gomez cried when listening to ‘Everything I Wanted’ and Was Eilish, and she wept uncontrollably. The artist confessed in an interview to Zane Lowe on Apple’s Music, which is the subject of the song, it tells you a lot.

“It does not have a notion of how this industry can be. When I first heard this song, I cried uncontrollably, because I am doing it for so long, that I was ‘holy shit, this is so true,'” said Gomez, “and she deserves everything that is claimed, and that you have to. This is an artist’s amazing”.

‘Everything I Wanted’ deals with the problems of major depression than Eilish, and how the brother Finneas has helped you to overcome a dark stage, during which I dreamed that suicidava, and no one cared about your death, not your friends, not your fans.

Selena has also talked several times about his problems with depression and anxiety, she is currently in the last year to receive an award, it is important to speak openly and frankly about the topic. It’s not that easy. I was afraid of being misunderstood and judged”.

“I know that I have been given the opportunities, experiences and people that have made my life extraordinarily beautiful and sweet, and still struggle with my own thoughts and feelings and, at times,” said Gomez.

Check out the video for ‘Everything I Wanted’, below.

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