Brad Pitt does not erase the tattoo to Angelina Jolie and reveals the new design


You could say that Brad Pitt is traveling the world recently. After traveling to Europe, the United States and Mexico to promote his new film, once upon A Time in Hollywood, and now he’s in Venice, Italy, for the famous Film Festival is held.

When you get in a short space of time, by using a casual look, Brad Pitt has made a point of posing for the photographers and it ended up revealing more than I should have. But don’t assume that you’re talking about something a little more “intimate”, not the one that gave that talk was the enemy to him.

In the pictures you can see that it is not washed away with a sign on his upper right arm, which he did for Angelina Jolie and showed off a new image, it is black, it is for a man and his shadow. What is the meaning of, eh?

Brad Pitt, is in Venice for the Film Festival and promote the film, ” Ad Astra, where he plays an astronaut, and Roy McBride, who goes in search of his father, he was a pioneer of the astronaut played by Tommy Lee Jones, who went missing over a decade ago, a mission to Neptune. The film is set in the near future, when humanity has research stations on the Moon and on to Mars.

In an interview with the press Interview, also said: “This film has been the most challenging I have ever come across,” said the actor, who is also one of the producers on the feature.

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