Cat | Search-tells you which version of Halle Berry that is a favorite of the public

According to a survey conducted by the The Hollywood Reporterthe version of catwoman portrayed by Halle Berry it is a favorite with the public, even appearing in the terrible film of the year 2004.

John got 42 percent of the vote, while the Michelle Pfeiffer – critically acclaimed by the Batman: Return Of The – he was close behind, at 41%.

Anne Hathawayof The Dark Knight will come back to life, ended up in last place, with only 26%.

Journalist Patrick WIllems has tried to explain this surprising result.

“I think that’s the only explanation for it is because of these people that they have not considered the versions of the characters themselves. Instead, they used their own personal opinions about actors.”

Of course, the Berry has been getting more prominent over the past few years, and have recently been introduced to the franchiseKingsman“.

The next version of catwoman will appear in the “The Batman“ which comes to theaters in 2021, and there you can check out our list of actors who can interpret it.