Clone of WhatsApp, which is applied by the cyber crooks continue to take its toll


Although it is not a new type of scam has been gaining prominence in the country: a clone of the messaging app WhatsApp.

According to the information of PSafe, for the clone, the evil twin sign-up improperly and the phone number of the user at the other device, and, thereafter, a text message containing a release code is sent to the mobile phone of the victim.

“And then, when she is induced to give this code to a hacker (in various ways), and then your Chat is blocked”, she says, Emilio Simoni, the director of Psafe.

To have a full access to the app, a hacker can pose as you to apply a series of your friends and family. For this reason, Simoni cautions that the user should never inform you of the release code to the access app, which it receives to any third party.

In addition to this, it is a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication, which is available in the app itself, to enhance the safety and security of your account.

With the information of Psafe


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