Fans, do you think that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, will launch the partnership, see evidence – 08/05/2020


Yesterday, Katy Perry announced that her new single, “Daisies”, will be released in the coming week, confirming that it will be the first taste of their new album. The announcement, however, came up with a “conspiracy theory” between the fans on the social network, a lot of people think that Taylor Swift is in the music.

The two singers, who have made it up recently after a number of years the brigades, posted on the networks at about the same time yesterday. While Perry has announced that the first single, Swift posted a photo of it in the house, with a wine in hand and a sweatshirt emblazoned with the… daisies.

The fans immediately made the connection – which, of course, the title of “Daisies”, can be translated into English as “daisy”. In addition to this, the emoji of a snake, used by Swift in the legend that are very similar to the format of the S in the font chosen by Perry como on the cover.


The “coincidences” do not end there. The reaction to the announcement of Perry’s official account of reality tv show “American Idol” (where she is one of the sworn) joked, “I’m looking forward to playing this music is 1.989 times in a row”.

For the fans of Swift, you well know that “1989” is the title of one of his albums, the most popular source of hits like “Blank Space” and “Shake it Off” – and it’s also the year of the birth of the king.


Perry has not yet announced the release date of their new album, which is called only from #KP5 (meaning that it will be the 5th record in the studio). The latest release from singer-was a “Witness”, in the fall of 2017.

Swift, meanwhile, has released her new album “Lover” in the past year. The former record company of the singer, released at the end of April, a live album originally recorded in 2008, she spoke out against the launch, saying that it had been done without his consent.