Hailey, Bieber recalls the comparisons to the ex-girlfriend of Justin bieber, and it reviews: “it made Me feel less of a woman”; see


To overcome the criticism has not been easy for Hailey Bieber! In a q & a session with fans, the model commented on how it made you feel “less of a woman”, when it was compared with the ex-girlfriend of her husband, Justin. In a chat this Friday (08th), which is part of the reality of “The Biebers”, she said as long as she had to deal with the situation.

According to the model, to be compared with the former partner Who, as is the case with Selena Gomez, made her feel so bad. “It’s definitely not easy. Who knows what I just went through the trouble with all of the things that people say and the ways that people were making comparisons to the… The way they made me feel less of a woman”said Hailey.

Hailey Baldwin, he said that he was in acute pain, with comparisons to an ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber like Selena Gomez. (Photo: Getty Images)

For her, the situation is made worse still by the fact that the singer has a huge fan base and has been involved with well-known figures are also very much appreciated. “It is not easy to do, and I think that, especially when they have fans that are really passionate about, what the supporters want to express it, and you want to express your opinion”he commented to the blonde.

Hailey Bieber lamented that the criticism endured, and the comparisons with the other ex of Justin’s, but he explained to her the trick to not feeling bad. (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook)

Even though the data no longer in pain, Hailey, told us she would prefer to be no more than that. “I think that when a person has so much to tell you, or you have so much to do just to make someone else feel inferior, it is because they are going through something bad.”said. Especially when the criticism is even harsher, so that’s what a console is. “It helps Me to remember that he or she is suffering from something else”she completed the he.

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During her live on Facebook, with the couple also discussed their relationship before getting married, in the year 2018. Hailey has made it a point to comment on that “there’s a lot people don’t understand”the reasons for which they have completed and returned a couple of times. “They say, ” you know, they will make up details that are not true”she explained. Check out the broadcast in its entirety below:

[Trecho das comparações a partir de 46:40]

But the marriage did very well at the time! In the first episode of The “Biebers”, Justin bieber has revealed the changes he had to make. “You have a number of things that I needed to work on. Stuff about forgiveness, about the jealousy. Insecurities that I had [trabalhar]and I didn’t even know I had it until I had to spend my life with you”in the world. “I’ve noticed that there are a number of things, the blind spots in my life that I hadn’t noticed”as well, ” said the singer.

Now, as for the model, and Bieber, too, think the effort has been worth it. “It was really difficult to work in these areas, but I don’t think that if you choose to look at these things, I feel like now that I’ve looked at a lot of these things, you and I are closer than ever.”, is a reflection of the artist’s work. That is gorgeous, isn’t he? Thus, it is the opinion of me doesn’t matter… Watch it here: