Halle Berry is celebrating moms with a picture of the kids


Halle Berry celebrated mother’s day (10), sharing it on Instagram is a rare image of a child, Nahla, aged 12 years, and Maceo, one of the dragons.

The hollywood actress has released a video for ‘Boomerang’ children without shoes, sitting on the grass, holding each other so tenderly.

The pictures Nahla is holding a flower in his hand, and at the same time, hugging his brother.

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Hall wrote in the caption: “#FelizDiadasMães to all the moms! I believe that, eventually, everyone will understand that love heals everything, and love is ALL there is,” he said.

The actress and the 53-year-old kept talking about his two sons: “These two are everything to me!”.

Nahla is a result of his romance with the model of the French-canadian Gabriel Aubry, and Maceo from French actor Olivier Martinez, whom she divorced officially in December of 2016.

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Lesson learned

There are a couple of days ago, Halle Berry has revealed that she had to shave her head for the daughter, Nahla, from 12 years of age. But this doesn’t have anything to do with the quarantine in which they live and for the account of the coronavirus.

The actress told the presenter Jimmy Fallon, in an interview for the video, I decided to go to the thing on the head of a little girl, it was because of the hair of Nahla, which I was embarrassed the rest of them in the back

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Nahla has had some problems with the hair after you have to spend a lot of time in the pool, and I just left him to brush them on, and the chlorine, it ended up damaging the wires.

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“Every day we’re swimming, we got out of the pool, and my daughter is 12 years old and every time I comb my hair on the back of her hair, it’s like, ‘No, don’t touch me, don’t brush my hair… Two nights ago, we were doing homework, and [Nahla] he says, ‘mommy, I’m scared to tell him so, but a tap on the back of my head.’… The whole of the back of her hair, which goes just over her shoulders, curled up into a tight ball that looks like a furry tangle. I can’t put my finger on it, I was pulling up and she’s crying,” she said.

The actress told us she tried to ‘stay calm’ and it has helped Nahla to wash my hair and put on conditioner to help you to solve the problem of the discomfort, but this was not the solution, the one that led to the Hall to shave the head of his daughter, leaving her “bald spot in the back’.

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Jimmy Fallon asked her if she was fine on the move, and the Father admitted he did not, even though I know that she learned a lesson about taking care of your hair:

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“She’s not good with it, but it was our only option. But now I know. I thought to myself, ‘First of all, you let her mother to help her out. And second of all, you have learned that you need to brush your hair. Every day, you need to brush your hair,'” the actress said.

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