In the court proceedings, his Wife claimed that She Heard the hurt with a bottle of vodka; the star also admitted to having written in blood on the walls during the fight


The troubled history of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took on a new chapter. The actor has become one of their arguments over the race of the married couple to the public, stating that She would have thrown in a bottle of vodka in it, and hurt enough for their toes. He also added that, then it would be off with a cigarette in his mouth.

Johnny has found an answer to the recast of the proceedings for libel against News Group Newspapers Limited” the columnist, Dan Wootton, said about the article by the year 2018. The subject-matter of the question referred to at the time as a “wife-batterer”.

The site of The Blast, claimed to have had access to the documents to the court, in which Depp has revealed information about the race, which took place in march of 2015, as he and ex-wife in Australia. He says that it all started after the conversations that you have Heard, with their attorneys about their intent to enter into an agreement, post-nuptial,” which would have been an actress “be very angry”.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the awards ceremony. (Photo: Getty Images)

The actor, Jack Sparrow, also said it was withdrawing from the Amber in the day, but after not having a drink for more than a year ago, he “he sought to avoid the Sra. Heard by going to the bar on the lower level of the house. She followed him, yelling in an abusive manner,”for , says the journal.

Here’s the thing, I would have been stressed out. When you get down to the bar, and the artist told me that “if it’s served with a glass of vodka and drank it”. Then, his ex-wife would have thrown a bottle of booze on top of it, and it’s wrong. And when he had drunk another glass of it, she would have to throw in a second bottle, which could result in nasty finger wound from the Wife. “In addition, the Sra. Heard even blacked out for a cigarette in his mouth, right”, said the lawyers of the actor.

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The Blast has shared a photo taken in an australian hospital, hours after the alleged incident took place. In order to see it please click here. In the picture, we can see that the actor is lying on a gurney in the hospital, his hand bandaged, and that the legal team of the Wife is said to be a cigarette burn on his cheek.

In the end, he admitted that he had “in writing the things the mirror and the wall with the blood and the oil painting”but he denied the accusations, that the urine is passed by the house, and that he took ecstasy while on your trip.

Think back to the case:

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met on the set of “The Rum Diary” (which, here, has earned the title of “the Diary of a Journalist, you are Drunk”), and in 2011, and got engaged in January of 2014. The ex-couple has come to enter into the union for a period of at least two-fold: the first, in the centre of the star, in the Los Angeles area and is the second largest in the island, especially Johnny, a Little Hall”s Pond Cay, in the Bahamas, both out in February of 2015. The petition for divorce was filed in may 2016, when She accused a Wife to have her physically.