Jennifer Lopez and her daughter know it Was Eilish


Last night, Jennifer Lopez was to attend a concert Was Eilish with her daughter, Emme, aged 12 years. After the talk, the two of you met to name a few.

“When Emme had met the Others,” he wrote to J. Lo, with an emoji of a crying, and their hearts, in the caption of the image in which they appear in the three – Emme is almost not visible in the picture, as it was in the middle of the embrace of the two artists.

And while we’re on Was Eilish, she is coming to Brazil in may for two shows, June 30 at St. Paul’s, and the 31st in Rio de Janeiro. This one-year-old has been a major focus of a number of international awards, and 18-year-old has won one of the most popular, and not just one, but four, and has a history for that.

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