Jennifer Lopez shows how to set up a garden of giant-turned-meme, to live the lives · the News on TV

In the midst of the dozens of artists who performed in the live of a star, organised by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez has stolen the scene of the song People, the song would be Barbra Streisand, in the garden of his house. The size of the external area of the residence yielded a number of comments on the internet during the broadcast of the show on Saturday (the 18th). To the artist, 50 years old, but has played down his effort into the decor, that turned into a meme.

“With some of the Christmas lights of old, that they were in a parking garage, and an old, left over from our celebration of the Super Bowl, and I’ve tried to assemble a scene, with all the love in the world, and to those of you who are away from home, fighting, working, sacrificing, and doing it their way. I love you, I support you, and you feel it is your fault,” she wrote in her profile on Instagram.

She also had a message for Barbra Streisand, who used it not only for the music, but also to be seen in their clothing. “Barbra has always inspired me, in the best and the worst of times”, he praised. “It was really nice,” said Barbra. “Thank you so much! You’re my idol!”, treplicou of the artist’s work.

Here’s the post in which the singer’s speech, in English, about the décor of your yard and participating in a special Together at Home:

On the internet, in the garden, She drew more attention than the actual performance. “I don’t know if I paid more attention to the wonderful voice of Jennifer Lopez singing to the People in the garden of her home,” writes Molly Travessoni. “Her garden is in the Jennifer Lopez” http Married, Bella.” “I’m in love with this garden and the house with it,” said Louise, in the profile of @dressflicker.

Mariana, são paulo was able to decipher what the lights on the tree were the remnants of the christmas decorations. Jthat 2020 is just the same, Jennifer Lopez has already jumped on the pro-Christmas. The garden great lighting for the wedding: check. Looks like the house from the parties at the Scene”, joked the user, in a reference to the rich people of Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the display in the process, and some of the comments from the fans about his garden.