Jennifer Lopez will never eat these two foods


The chef the Jennifer Lopez he made a few “confessions” about the taste of the city. According to Kelvin Fernandez the singer-and-actress has a healthy appetite, but there are two foods that you would prefer never to have you at the table.

“I know that She doesn’t like salmon, so if you’re making a salmon for the other people, I’ve got to prepare for a roblado, halibut, or cod. Jennifer did not like it, neither the taste nor the texture of the salmon, says Alive magazine US Weekly.

“This is the kind of thing you’d learn over time”it continues by explaining that you can’t miss it in the refrigerator of a celebrity: “The water in with the gas. fresh fruits and vegetables, even though She’s not that big a fan of fruit, especially red fruit”. Does that mean that all red fruit are not part of the power of the star, contrary to what has happened to their children, twins Emme and Max, aged 12 years. “They love the fruit vermlhos”.