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The launch is currently set to happen just in the month of may, and now the movie John Wick 3: Parabellum, directed by Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), he returned to win the new details involve the development, through its managing director.

In a recent interview with the website NEW (via Screen Rant), the director By Chad Stahelski he revealed that in the presence of Halle Berry the cast of the new feature turned out to be an initiative by the actress herself. At the time, the script even being written,

“It happened right before the holidays (end of year) as of 2017. I got a phone call saying, ‘Halle Berry, I would like to meet with you. And I was like, ‘This is cool’. I had never met her before. Then she came to my office in Manhattan Beach the next day, he came in, sat down, and said, ” I want to be a part of the John Wick 3’s. And I said, ‘Well, this is all very encouraging, but we don’t even have a script yet’. And then she went, ‘I don’t care’. And I thought to myself, ‘Well, I don’t even know yet whether there is a role for women’. And she said, ‘I don’t care, I want to be on it, let’s go party’”.

The film was then continued by talking about your involvement in the show, as we called her months later to see if he was still interested in the project. At the time, John had a strong reaction, positive and excited to start his training for the film:

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“It was like, ‘Ok, we’re just going to call her and see if she’s still interested in her. And she said something like, ‘of Course, I’m interested in. When are we going to get on the train?’ So I said, ‘Why don’t you come and watch?’ And her response was ” I don’t want to watch it, and I want to do it. [Ela] it came on the first day, coming out from the inside (of the training). She finished by saying, ” Yes, it was hard, what time do we start tomorrow?’”

The new feature will start right at the point where the previous one has been completed, showing of John Wick have to fight for your life, as there is a contract in the$ 14-million us dollars for his head.

Halle Berry (X-Men) is going to be starring in the film, on the side of the Keanu Reeves (Enter the Matrix) as to the character of Sofia. In addition to this, the Lionsgate he also announced that the Anjelica Huston (The Adams Family), Asia Kate Dillon (Orange is the New Black), Mark Dacascos (The Pact of the Wolves)and Jason Mantzoukas (To The Death) they are also in the cast. Houston it will give life to a character with that last name The Director Of, Dillon it will give life to the The’s Adjudicator of the High Table, Dascos this is a serial killer known as the Zeroand Mantzoukas it will give life to the The Tick Tock Man. In addition to this, Yayan Ruhian (Star Wars: clone Wars: The dawning of Power), Cecep Arif Rahman The Raid 2: Berandal) and Tiger Hu Chen (The Man-of-Tai-Chi you will face the main character.

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Ian McShane, Common, Laurence Fishburne, Lance Reddick and Ruby Rose reprisarão for their roles in the sequel, as Hiroyuki Sanada’s (Wolverine: Inmortal) it will be the main villain.

By Chad Stahelski it will return to the position of managing director.

John Wick 3: Parabellum you will arrive to the cinemas The 17th of may 2019.

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