Johnny Depp says that he was cut off by the ex-wife Amber Heard in a fist fight


SWILL PAULO, SP, brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – actor Johnny Depp, 56, opened up in a video that describes the fight that took place in march of 2015, with the then-wife, Amber Heard, 33.

In the footage, which the Daily Mail, has had access to, Wife says that is Heard threw out a bottle of vodka, wrapped in his hand, and he cut off a finger and you lose a lot of blood. He said that, at the time, kept, Heard, pretending to the people that you held your finger in a door.

According to the actor, and the reason for the fight it would have been a contract post-nuptial drawn up by his lawyer, Jake Bloom, against whom he has filed a lawsuit until 2019, after 18 years of working together.

“I was trying to get it back on the finger, and then dealing with the inanidade to have my finger cut off by a woman with whom I was married,” he says in the video, according to the newspaper.

Heard, for his part, said that the actor was in for the beating you with one hand while the other pounded it with a plastic phone hard against the wall causing injury to yourself. She also accused him of plucking her shirt, grabbing her breasts and strangle her.

At the sound of the what the Daily Mail has also had access, revealed on Tuesday (7th), medical doctors are looking into the waste, the piece cut off the finger of the Wife. “I can’t find it on the tip of the ring finger, I am not able to find the finger,” repeated the doctor, a particular on the a-list actor, David Kipper. Meanwhile, Amber Heard, can be heard sobbing in the background.

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It is not clear as to how the audio was recorded or who was responsible for it, but the bed was in the habit of writing his arguments as a form of therapy, to the hearing and after.

Depp and Heard first met on the set of the movie “the Diary of a Journalist, you are Drunk”, in 2011, and they married four years later but split up in may of 2016 with a US$ 7 million in the divorce. The peace lasted only until he Heard, wrote in December 2018 at the latest, in an article for The Washington Post, claiming to be a survivor of domestic violence, with no mention of the name of the Wife.