Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande release the 1st song about the isolation – 15/05/2020


They are young, they are huge, so they have a duty to be pioneers. For this reason, icons of the youth Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande they released the song “Stuck With U’, which in Portuguese means “Stuck with you”. In the letter, it says that “there is No one on the streets. If you were to tell me that the world is ending, and I was not going to spend my time in another way, it is only by his hand. I don’t mind being stuck in here with you…”

And, prepare yourself, very soon, this movement will come here. You have to funkeira away from the pace and is about to release a new beat, talking about anything at the moment. That is, it’s impossible to sing and feast, if it doesn’t exist.

“Stuck With U” is a music charity. All of the profits that the artists have, this song will be donated to help the fight against the coronavirus.

The song was released in and reached for the first time on Spotify and in the iTunes store. It debuted in first place on the stop on the global Spotify-with 6.5 million streams in total.

With the launch of the programme aims to support and collaborate with the workers who are on the front line in the battle against the hiv pandemic of the coronavirus. The income shall be set aside for the First Responders to the Children’s Foundation, to support scholarships for the children of health professionals, health technicians, emergency medical, emergency medical personnel, police officers, and fire fighters.

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