Justin Bieber confronts you with Kehlani, and receives many of the criticisms of the fans


Kehlani want to be the first album from the R&B single of the year to get to the top of the Billboard charts, but Justin Bieber does not agree.

The second album, Kehlani, and It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, is piling up impressive numbers in its first week. Early projections indicate that the labour share has a strong chance to make his debut in the first place of the Billboard charts, but he is in a rush is tough with all the Good Intentions in the Nav, and it’s a Dark Lane, a Demo Tape of the dragon.

So, in an effort to gain the upper hand, Kehlani has asked the fans to continue listening to the album and helped to make it a project in the first R&B single to top the charts “in a very long time.”

“The last day for the stream and ensure that it is the first album of strictly R&B single to reach #1 on the first weekend in a long time,” she wrote on Instagram. “Our genre is still alive, our state deserves it!!” Soon after, Kehlani, share the post, and Justin Bieber came in to the comments section of a patch: “Change of fi and R&B ;)”

While many may consider Bieber as a pop artist, her album of the year 2020, the Changes were classified as a R&b project, which included the participation of Kehlani, it not only debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, as it also gave Bieber his first number 1 in the album charts and the R&B / Hip-Hop albums and R&B

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But in spite of this, not everyone is convinced that the Change is one that deserves the designation of R&B, and many fans were upset with the attitude of GOING to confront, Kehlani, and your time as well. You can also read some of the responses to the review of the Biebs below.