Justin Bieber shares photo, heart-warming, with a younger sister


Justin Bieber it surprised those who follow him in the Instagram with a picture heart-warming it is the little brother in his arms.

The artist will have to spend more time with their siblings at this stage, that is, in social isolation, because of the the pandemic the new one coronavirusesas already pointed out in the social media.

However, this time it was the center of attention on your page Instagram it was a small Bay.

“My dear little sister, are you going to grow up and become an empowered woman, confident, strong, and gentirGlad to see you grow and be the amazing woman that you are meant to be,” wrote the singer in the caption of the said photo, which has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of many fans.

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Dear baby sis, you will grow up to be a confident, strong, kind, compassionate powerful woman! Excited to watch you grow into the incredible woman you are DESTINED TO BE! @baybieber

A publication that is shared by Justin’s Bieber (@http: / /14th of May, 2020 at 8:21 PDT

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