Katy Perry may have coloborado with a Taylor Swift single


Katy Perry is gravidíssima, and it’s ready for the next album, his fifth studio work. This Friday (the 15th), the singer will release the single ” Daisies, and how to link it up with the fans is great, the californian has decided to offer free downloads of wallpaper images inspired by the music video for you guys to use during a video call through the app to Zoom in and out. The idea? It is it appears by surprise in a meeting, simply share the link to the room with the artist.

Katy-Perry-suffers from mood swings in quarantine.

Well, but in spite of all that nice’s disclosure, for a while, focused on a possible collaboration within this song. The guest would be Taylor Swift!

Possible evidence of this event have been picked up by fans, with one click your recent stay here again. When Perry announced that the first single last week, Swift posted a picture wearing a shirt with pictures of daisies, or, in other words, “daisies”.

Pregnant, Katy-Perry-bet in the fantasy of the Dumbo program

In addition, the publication of the Taylor, and contains the legend, “big ” isolation” (the great shield), and four emojis, including two with a glass of wine, and a snake. The picture of the animal, more ritualistic character can be seen as a reference to the disc, a Hook, and in addition to the symbol, if it is from the fourth song on the album, “Don’t Blame Me”, in which one of the passages says: “when I was in the poison ivy, but right now I am in the eating.”

Katy Perry shows barrigão in the home stretch of your pregnancy to a live

The emoji snake-like, in fact, is shaped much like the letter “S” in the art of “Daisies”.

Further evidence came from the profile of the American Idol Twitter accounts. The account is shared, in addition to California, and on the record, and wrote: “We can’t wait to play [essa música] some 1.989 times in a row”. The number can also be read as the title of the fifth project, the woman, in 1989, the year of his birth as well.

Katy Perry surprises fans by showing the gesture of the child in the ultrasound,

It is worth noting that, in the fight of the two, it is one of the most popular among the divas of pop, has come to an end in may of 2018, when the Katy-Perry-has sent flowers and a note on the back of the amiga in the final of the Hook.

The portal is an Extra for the wedding to Orlando Bloom, she commented on all of this, rumor has it around the partnership. “Well, you’re going to have to watch American Idol, to find out if these rumors are true or false.”

Miranda Kerr-see the ex, Orlando Bloom, like a brother to me

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