Kendall Jenner is the target of criticism after coming up with the darker skin for the photo shoot

There is but one of many issues that the world is listening, but it gives you a reason and don’t seem to absorb ANYTHING of the matter: the appropriation of culture. On the one hand, white people say that they are free to use and do what they want, whether it be with clothes, make-up, hair, or even in person, even without knowing anything behind what they are wearing/using it/talking about. On the other, black people complain about (with good reason) for the appropriation of the culture, after all, have you ever noticed that black people are criticized because they appear with their hair braided, curly, wear turbans, and even on account of the color of their skin, but if a white man wears a make-up with a skin to load on any of the items mentioned above, it is praise?). And one of the most famous, including that on account of this kind of criticism, then stick it in the confusion: Kardashian-Jenner. At this time, Kendall it was the “”chosen” time to act in such a way.

The model posted a picture on her Instagram Stories in which it appeared, with the braids in her hair. I gave him quite a stir, but it all worked out so far. The next day, Kendall came back to post photos and videos with the sections “modified”, and from what it looked like, his skin was a little darker in the pictures. Hi?!