Kim Kardashian demands A$ 10 million application for a ‘steal’ on a photograph


Socialite was sued by the iHandy for the use of his image in the application of make-up

The advantage Kim Kardashian she has developed a developer iHandy through the use of the licensed photo. His lawyers have demanded in a trial of 14 pages, with a indenizao in the amount of$ 10 milhes through the use of the image in the application of make-up Sweet Camera. A complaint has been lodged at the Supreme Court of California.

The iHandy has been accused of a crime apropriao striking, and is calculated using the authorized e explorao of a business scam.” The legal representative for Kim Kardashian has explained that the image was used to promote the application of the filters of the make-up.

They go on to argue that it’s a Sweet Camera, post the picture in an advertisement posted on Instagram. Because of this, the oldest of the irms Kardashian’s need to pay for the indenizao on the grounds of a lack of compensao monetria,” and punitive damages.


According to a publicao do site TMZ, Kim Kardashian on the use of this application. However, the site also claims that the photo “stolen” is a marketing campaign of its own collection of makeup, to the socialite.

In his defense, the iHandy has argued that “in the know” that the photo was of Kim Kardashian. “In the uk, absurdly, it is claimed, in their defense, the did you know that the photo on the license in the authorized, was stolen, and it is appropriate to unduly of her. One of the most famous and recognizable women in the world”, asked the lawyer of a celebrity.

In addition, according to the TMZ, the representatives of the application have been charged with the offense, and ameaar the advantage. “They also have a audcia of ameaar Kim Kardashian for the criminal charges against them, if they were going to pursue it,” claimed the lawyer of the foot.

The application is one Sweet Camera, it offers “selfies are perfect with professional beauty and tools for the refinishing of the body, including let the face alive the slim, sleek, and most of all.” The value of the US$ 10 milhes application process for the licensing and use of the image of the Kardashian’s. In addition to this, the advantage is also you want to receive the profits that you with the app, you get the aps to use his image in campaign publicitria.

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