Kim Kardashian flashes in the eyes of Armenia, defending Rift and the rejection of the idea of going back to the policy and | or Celebrities


It’s a natural for Los Angeles, but it’s the personality that you have entered in the list of the hundred most influential people in the world, according to the magazine The teamhas ancestry in the Continent, more precisely in the capital of Armenia, on the part of the father, lawyer Robert Kardashian (celebrated for having defended O. J. Simpson), and in Scotland, the Netherlands, on the part of the mother. However, the it was the inheritance of the father and Kim Kardashian have found a spirituality for the two hundred or three young childrenSaint three-year-old, Chicago’s 20-month high, and the Psalm, in four months. The first of the North, at the age of six, he was baptized in April of 2015, at the Apostolic Church of Armenia in Jerusalem at that time.

The ceremony took place in Yerevan, at the Cathedral of Echmiatsin, the headquarters of the Apostolic Church of Armenia and one of the oldest in the worldits construction dates back to the sixteenth century. IV, and is due to Gregory the Illuminator, replacing it with a pagan temple and a symbol of the adoption of the christian faith. Among the guests were the older sister of Kim, Kourtney, and with the pro -: Mason, nine, Penelope, seven, and It has, with four of them. Already, in the absence of the most noted was that of Kanye West, her husband, and the father of the child. In another instance, the celebrity has visited the memorial of Tsitsernakaberd dedicated to the victims of the genocide of 1915, where they laid flowers at the eternal flame.

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But on a trip to Armenia to star in in reality tv shows it was not merely that of private law. The influencer he was in the country of their great father, to take part as a keynote speaker at the 23rd.Th World Congress on Information and communication technologies (NUMBER, the initials of the original), on the banks of which he gave an interview to the Reuters, in the course of which he praised to a teenager, the Swedish Greta Thunberg — “a young, brave, and amazing,”—, he talked about their plans for the business that you will be able to pass through the investment in the home country of the Caucasus, and on his intention to promote the hiring of ex-convicts so that they will have the opportunity to return to the labour market and in society.

The star of the tv in america, it is only in the Twitter it has more than 62 million followers, who also spoke to Reuters about what you envision for your future: study Law, with the practice of a law firm on the horizon. Already, you can’t imagine it having any more children with the the song Kanye West, or go into politics.