Kim Kardashian tries to copy it, sister Kylie Jenner and her fans don’t like it


Kim Kardashian it is losing some of its prominence recently. The beauty of The 39-year-oldis no longer the favourite of the Kardashian’s, the the family what you have now Kylie Jenner the most outstanding ones. The youngest of the family, from the age of 22, has become a favorite of the public, and to the sister with the largest number of followers in the Instagram. Kylie is also one of the most wealthy family, being a billion dollar.

The quarantine has separated the Images

Now quarantinethe sisters are spending so much time with each other. With the outbreak of a new coronavirusesthey have become isolated in their homes, but are separated from each other. Are they famous for that the reality tv show family Keeping Up With TheKardashians, they are very close to each other, but they also do not hide a few people.

Recently, it has been talked about a lot in this fight between Kim and Kourtney Kardashianat that, the two took the same one on the cover. The pictures became viral, but it has a lot of who think that all of that didn’t make it to a performance is to increase the popularity of the show. After all, the two of you are close to 40 years of age, have a children and it wouldn’t make much sense, so if you go in a row like that.

The rivalry between Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

However, the fans also comment a lot on a supposed feud between Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. If this is the case, they always show love on Instagram, but Kim couldn’t find it much fun, for all of this growth Has already left it behind in the midiatismo.

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Recently, Kylie Jenner has surpassed Kim’s, and it already has over five million followers, who is your sister on Instagram. The tanned, Has got two to three times higher than that of her sister, which is rarely over two to three million for cured in their posts. Quite different is the situation of the Case, you can always make a stand out in any picture, whether it is yours or your daughter’s, little Stormi Websitea.

A new photo of Kim Kardashian we talking about

So, Kim Kardashian would be looking for ways to increase their interaction with the fans, but not when she shares photos of her children, or her husband, that she can beat her sister in the reaction. And even if she wants to share these photos of the most bold, it is very popular as her younger sister. This time around, Kim Kardashian has reportedly gone a step further with a photo in which she appears to be imitating his sister by doing a ‘bocão’.

Kylie is well known for its ‘bocão’, which she has perfected with cosmetic procedures, but will also with the its-li-kits, around your mouth on the outside too, giving this illusion that having a mouth bigger than it actually is. At this time, it seems that it was Kim who tried to do the same, but the fan wouldn’t have loved the idea of her. Many are accusing the his wife the Kanye West to be copying the style of her older sister.

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