Kylie Jenner built a theme park for the feast of the Stormi.; see 02/02/2020


Kylie Jenner has impressed his followers with a video of the celebration of the birthday of their daughter, Stormi, two-year-old.

As of 2019, the Effects did not spare the expenses, and has built up a sort of theme park to the full, to his daughter, calling him “Stormi ” World”.

The festival was divided into thematic sections, including with decorations inspired by the animated films, Live and Frozen: An Adventure to the Chilling.

The beautiful rooms, the theme park is topped out above in the section devoted to the daughter of a Jenner, with a big toy and a reproduction of the cover of the Stormi all over the place.

Just days before his birthday was officially on Friday, Stormi had already enjoyed a party given to celebrate the launch of the make-up, which has earned its name.

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