Kylie Jenner goes for a small operation


Kylie Jenner has gone through a minor surgery this week and for the removal of the wisdom teeth, also known as the eye of judgment (because they will arise at the time that we move on to adult life).

The socialite and business woman just told the fans about the process, since I had already done it.

Has posted their Stories, from Instagram an image where she was laying in bed, watching tv while recovering from the extractions, it has suffered.

“Hello, my wisdom teeth have been pulled out. This is the worst thing.”, it indicated that the mother-of-Stormi.

In the video, she showed that she was accompanied on her pillow, with her daughter two years ago.

The removal of wisdom teeth is a procedure that is very common, and the recovery generally takes three to five days, as there may be stiffness of the jaw, the blood, and swelling, experts say.

The new look

Kylie Jenner has completely changed the look, to the surprise of more than 162 million followers on Instagram.

The socialite and entrepreneur showed the social networking of your new hair cut, but the one that caught our attention was the colour of her hair: a red-brown.

In spite of the fans have approved of his new look, just days before the celebrity shocked a lot of people appear in the Stories, with the hair very short, freshly cut by your stylist for Jesus in the state of Guerrero.

“But your hair is super short, didn’t last long, because hours later, when it Has held a luncheon to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s day in the United States, with many of her friends, and she showed her with long hair again.

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