Luan Santana-surpassed Justin Bieber’s and Rihanna’s in the top 50 of the Billboard charts – The MAIL


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To live in History, which lasted for more than 8 hours, and collected 328 tonnes of food, give good results to encourage you to start experimenting. After the broadcast, held on the 26th day of April, the artist appeared at the 28th position in the Social ranking of 50 of the Billboard charts. The list of measures of the popularity of singers and bands from around the world on social media.

Safari has surpassed many famous names from the international music scene, such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Cardi B, among others. This is the 5th time that he has shown in the Social 50’s overall.

All in all, the live-collected R$ 370 million, of 328 tons of food and ten tons of animal feed, the five-ton-of-plastic bin liners, 72-thousand shades, a 52-thousand bottles of alcohol gel to, among other things, according to the columnist Leo Dias, the front. All the items that are being provided by Brazil in its own semi-trailers that are used for trying to ask this girl to lead the design and equipment of the show.

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