Rolling Stone · Johnny Depp has threatened to ‘burn down’ and ‘drown’ Amber Heard at the messages displayed during the trial and see


The actor has sent a message to a friend in the year 2014, and it is also said that he wanted to “f*gives the corpse and burned it once, to make sure that he or she is dead.”

In the process of Amber Heard against Johnny Deppat a hearing this week, he has received new evidence against the actor. The jury listened to the messages that are sent by the actor to Paul Bettanya friend of his, in which he threatened to kill his ex-wife.

In accordance with the Page Six, Wife submitted on November 6, 2016, with the text, “we are going to burn She.” Later, he added: “We’re going to drown her before they kill her!!! I’m going to fuck you dead body is burnt after it, to make sure that he or she is dead.”

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In other messages, which are sent out in may 2014 Wife details of the abuse-of-alcohol-and-pills – one of the evidences of the Heard. “I’m going to stop it properly, the thing to drink, dear…” she promised.

“I took the night before to pick up She and to go to Los Angeles on Sunday… it Was just ugly, man. I have not eaten for days…. Half a bottle of whiskey, and a thousand Red Bulls and vodka, and pills, for two bottles of Champers on the plane and what it was? An indian was aggressive and in a p*rra of the blackout, screaming obscenities, and insulting the entire world close to you. Has already given to us.”

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“I have to admit that I’m a f*dido, from the head to throw my hate into the person that I love… For all the reasons a small, and I’m too old to be that guy. But the pills are fine,” he wrote, also, Wife.

The evidence to authorize the charge of the battery, and it confirms the following statement, Heard, accused his Wife of getting drunk on a plane, xingá it, throw a bottle on it, hitting it on the face of it, and then pass out. Wife he denied being drunk at the time.

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David Sherborneattorney Johnny Deppexplained as the case may be, has versions of “polar opposite” of him-and Heard. “One person, one mind, and one is not. Of course, we would say that the Sra. Heard mind. Mr Wife it is 100% exposed to it.” Claims of innocence in the film, all of the charges.

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(The Sun,The[TheSun the newspaper that reported the message]he chose the fragments for a single message, frustrated, sent it to a friend’s 500 GB of available messages […] Drawback is that Mr Wife he said after that he never machucaria Amber[[he emphasized the words ‘I have to Admit that I’m a f*dido, from the head to throw my hate into the person that I love’].”

A full hearing on the the United Kingdom, driven by the Amber Heardyou should start on the 23rd of march. In the us, Johnny Depp sues ex-wife for defamation.