Rolling Stone magazine · Buddy shows as Amber Heard would be abuse of his Wife


According to Josh Richman, the actor pretended to have been beaten and abused psychologically for the partner

By Josh Richmana friend of his Johnny Deppstated Amber Heardabused mentally, the ex-husband in the relationship of the actors, that came to an end after filing for divorce and charges of domestic violence made by the artist.

In spite of the separation of the two, has been closed officially in the year 2017, the world is still facing cases related to the abuse charges of defamation, were made for each other.

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The website The Blast he has access to an official document of the Richman of Justice, and has published parts of the speech, from the friend of the Wife on a long feud of the superstars in the world. In accordance with the Richman, She pretended to be assaulted by the actor.

“I learned that before their marriage they had had an argument. Johnnyhe told me that She went to the bathroom and came out with a scarf, and with the glaze on it, saying that he had done that to her. However, after the incident, he picked up a handkerchief, which he has, up to now. Shehe put red nail Polish on the napkin.”

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Richman it has also said that she had practiced psychological abuse on a partner by removing him from your friends and family. In addition to this, he said, the behavior of the authoritative work of the artist, which was to be created just for you.

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“She’s cut off contact with your best friend and she was mean to him. It has always seemed to live in fear of what she would do if he was finished. To his family, friends, and I’ve always thought that he has been in the order of Shein order to marry, than any other thing.”

Amber Heard no comment on the publication of the The Blast.