Salma Hayek from ugly duckling to be the muse of the cinema of Hollywood


For the life of the actress is of mexican, Salma Hayek couldn’t be more of a race. In the month of October, a nice return to the big screen in the horror of the police “the Wild”, while at the same time, which is at the end of the sequence of the full-length feature film success in “Big People” are still in production. Anyone who sees him to miss the hollywood blockbuster 46-year-old to shine on the red carpet, I can’t imagine that she, too, has had its day in the ugly duckling.

Actress Salma Hayek reveals that he has had problems with acne and excessive oil on your face

Actress Salma Hayek reveals that he has had problems with acne and excessive oil on your face

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And we are not making a reference to his famous hit series, “Ugly Betty” (Salma, was a producer of the american version of the show), but yeah, adolescence and youth of the actor. At the age of 20, the actress had a face covered in pimples, which led to a serious bout of depression. The season is bad, it also earned him an excess of weight, because of the fear of going out into the street and it was so much so that it took a strike to the fridge several times a day.

Today, after having overcome all the obstacles that stopped you from being fine with it, Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful women, sexy and desirable in the world. The skin’s young, she’s an actress, it was conquered by the Accutanea drug used only for severe cases of acne. At the same time, free-of-bones as the famous will still need to prevent the order with the specified rituals on that day.

The most basic, the process of cleaning up the little wash, heavily in the face, in the evening, cold water before going to bed. However, according to her, doing the same thing in the morning is an act, a beneficial because the oils are restored during sleep is important for regulating the pH of the skin, and does not have to be removed with the rising of the sun.

The beautiful, however, it appears that only in a subtle way, it is possible soak your face in the morning with no harm to the balance of the skin. Sprinkle drops of cold water on the face of it, without taking away from the oils, it’s a hint from Salma.

As for the more radical methods, – the actress has refused to even entertain the hypothesis of the use of botulinum toxin in your body. Completely reluctant to the technology, the aesthetics, the Hollywood star says she doesn’t like to think about the atrofiamento of the muscles of the face, frozen by the procedure.

The guy washed out

When you are far away from the set, Salma Hayek is famous for that it is not opposed to the style of the “face-washed”, and are found to be in the streets, a lot of times, but the famous make uploaded. In addition to this, the actress has admitted that she was happy not to be forced to spend hours and hours in her make-up to enhance their presence in the animated movie “The Cat in Boots”, which he has lent his voice to the character Kitty.

The skin of Latin

One of the most iconic of health care, mature, combined with the beauty of youthful character, Salma admits that it is the skin of a Latin matures more slowly compared to that of other people. However, it considers that it is not always the shows that your skin is free of impurities such as, for example, are all the latinos who have a higher fat content in the dishes you are eating.

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