Selena Gomez purchasing the former home of Tom Petty, for $ 4.5 million — he is an idealist/news


The actress, singer and star of instagram Selena Gomez you’ll move through a couple of seasons, in the mansion in Encino, California, which is it belonged to a rock-star, Tom Petty. The artist has left it for his ex-wife in 1996, after the signing of the divorce. Years later, after an in-depth reform, it was purchased by Randy Spendlovepresident of Motion Picture Music owned by Paramount Pictures. Is now in the hands of the young man as an artist.

Hit the market for $ 4.9 million dollars, but it was sold out, with a small, low-priced, so 4,85 million, or 4,46 million. The house has six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and a fabulous views of the valley from the San Fernando valley, in Los Angeles, california, united states.

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