Selena Gomez will give you tips on cooking in a TELEVISION during the quarantine


Selena Gomez, 27, has decided to go to the kitchen during the period of the quarantine. The singer-and-actress has accepted the invitation to HBO’s Max to do a cooking show, the Untitled Cooking Project. The debut is expected to happen in mid-June, according to news web site Deadline has passed.

The artist, who also produces the series, will always be accompanied by the form of the remote for a head chef that is different. Together, they will share their tips and tricks, and especially how to handle the ingredients is missing. The idea is to really help people who are stuck at home in quarantine.

In each episode of Service is going to disclose the cause of charity.
Spain has already engaged directly with other products, such as the number of the Series In “13 Reasons Why”, and it’s a long date, “The Broken Heart “Gallery”. It was part of the cast of “The Dead don’t Die”, by Jim Jarmusch alongside Bill Murray, and Adam Driver.

In January, the singer was “Rare”, their first album in five years, indicating whether it is her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.
Gomez had recently, and why it has become so open about their personal problems. In an interview with the magazine Interview, and the singer says that he decided to be honest about their mental health and her struggle with lupus, and her relationships, after all, it seems his life is getting “out of control”.

“The way in which the media tried to explain some of the things that made it all seem like a very bad thing, when in reality, there is nothing wrong with the fact that I needed to get away, or for me to fall in love with. I had to get myself to open it because people were taking out of my narrative of the context, and it was killing me,” says Gomez.

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