Series: the 5 best films that have arrived this week in the book


Are you looking for a good movie on Netflix? So, please stay tuned to this list, because The Metro Newspaper you have selected the following five options are available on the streaming platform.

The Delivery Boy

A teenage boy with a plan, a dark, a young woman, a prostitute, are forced to rely on each other, and to face up to the memories of the painful crisis of conscience.

The desire to Kill

The surgeon, Paul Kersey decides to take the law into his own hands when his wife and daughter are brutally attacked by criminals.

But The Goes-West

After being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, a young woman haunting the Woods try to get closer to the star’s Instagram, but plan on taking a course to be difficult.

You get Caught up in the Output

When a teacher-of-English-awake, not wanting the wrath of a colleague, president of the school, and the two leave to fight in the old-fashioned way.

The traces of the Revenge

She has a thirst for revenge, and he decides to take the law into their own hands, seducing, and humiliating lust.

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