Sex every single day? You know what they say, Salma Hayek – the International


“Sex is not the key to a happy marriage, it is a complement to the secondary,” said Salma Hayek for the magazine Red Magazine. “You do it every day it makes you lose your charm, it served only to keep alive the relationship,” he said. The actor and the producer in mexico has returned as well to show your willingness to talk about more intimate affairs with no hesitation.


In the same interview, Salma, who turns 50 on Saturday, the 2nd of September, stated that his greatest achievement has been to commit to your marriage with the billionaire François-Henri Pinault, 54-year-old (pictured), revealing that it is a union filled with love.” “Above all else, the relationships that they have to have a good time, lots of communication, laughter and sharing with each other. Sexuality is something that most, not all, not even the most important,” he said.

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