Taylor Swift loves to cook while in quarantine


Taylor Swift has revealed how she has spent her years. The singer has confessed that she is looking forward to her role of mistress of the house, and it takes time to cook, drink wine and listen to classical music.

In an interview with People magazine, clarkson said:

“I just love to spend an afternoon cooking while I drink a glass of wine, and I listen to the old songs”.

Previously, she was in a conversation on the radio, SiriusXM, which has been watching old movies I’d never seen before.

“A lot of people were watching TV in the meanwhile. I, too, have seen some old movies that I had ever seen. In fact, I have seen the Rear Window, and if you have not watched it, watch it. It has Grace Kelly, it’s phenomenal, and it is after his mother’s death,” he said.

The Swift has been the lock-down with your boyfriend and his family.

Recently, she asked the fans if they can’t, they should stay at home to avoid spreading the flu and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The problems with the old label

Taylor Swift doesn’t like to know that their former record label, Big Machine, which still owns the rights to her old recordings, and it was sold to a businessman Scooter Braun, the agent for Justin Bieber, is releasing a brand new album of the singer.

“Taylor, can you put your business on the Big Machine at the risk of the loss of the prove to the fans that even though they are releasing the material, claiming that the film is in 2017 at the earliest, it showed that, in fact, all the subjects were recorded in 2008.

The singer of 30 years, has provided an update for fans on his Instagram on Thursday (September 23), saying:

“Hey, you guys – I want to thank all my fans for getting me to inform you that my former record label is releasing ‘an album of live performances on the night. This recording is of a presentation on a radio program in 2008 what I’ve done for 18 years. The Big Machine, have the date for a release in 2017, but in truth, they have to release tonight at midnight,” she wrote.

“I am always honest with you about these things, so I just wanted to tell you that, this transaction has not been approved by me. It seems to me that Scooter Braun, and their donors, 23 of the Capital city, Alex’s Patient, and the family of mr. Soros and the Carlyle Group have seen the last of the sheets and realized they charged US$ 330 million for my music, it wasn’t exactly a wise choice, and they are in need of money. In my opinion, only an act of lust, without shame, at the time of the coronavirus. A lot of the bad taste, but it’s very open”, he claimed.