Taylor Swift sends a letter to the nurse with a coronavirus, and why fan – 03/05/2020


A nurse is diagnosed with the coronavirus had received a special gift from Taylor Swift, a letter wishing you a happy birthday and thanking him for the work-for-the-multi-covid-19.

In addition to the letter, She had received balloons from the party box, with licensed products such as t-shirts, hoodies, and even a mask to go to sleep.

“I have to thank Taylor Swift and her team in person for me to send in a box, full of the licensed product (s), and a personal letter of their own, Taylor, wishing you a very happy 30th birthday and thanking me for going to New York to assist as a nurse. This was literally the best day of my life,” she wrote to a nurse in a Twitter.

It was not the first time that Taylor Swift moved in to help the fans during the pandemic: at least four people are reported to have received US$ 3 billion (more than us$ 16 million) from the singer, to help with the costs of the disease.

On Twitter, fans were given the money to share the message he had sent: “I’m so sorry that things are so tough right now, and I’d like to send$ 3 billion to help alleviate the problems. Can you please send me the address on your Paypal account please? With love, Taylor.”

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