Taylor Swift’s gift to fan, to thank the work of the postmen in the pandemic – 15/05/2020


Taylor Swift gifted a fan’s 11-year-old at thanksgiving that she has made to the staff of the post office in the United States for its work during the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In this text, that is, to the Dakota, you have friends all over the world, and he sent the letters to them while in quarantine, according to the british BBC.

Recently, she sent a note to the clerk of the local post office, talking about the importance of the letters: “I would like to thank you for taking my card and handing them out. You are very important to me. I make people happy with my cards, but you you you you you also make.

He became aware of the story, because In it quotes lyrics from his songs on the charts, and he decided to surprise the Swiftie (so called fans).

The father-of-Stay, shared on Twitter, she has sent the daughter, with a time stamp to it, add a stamp on your card. In addition to the tool, but she also won the fragrance and products of the year, in addition to a letter, the substance of the father, and the daughter did not want to reveal it. They just said that Taylor has praised the attitude of the fans, saying that he was proud of it.

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