The organizing committee said that the olympic games in Tokyo ‘won’t be conventional’


Two months after the adjournment of the Olympic Games, in Tokyo, on the Organizing Committee for the the following are concerned with the multi-covid-19. The authority does not yet know how much it will cost to postpone for a year, and as it will be held in the olympic games under the new conditions, in line with the guidelines for social distancing. The Committee, which will be an issue for anything “mainstream”.

“The Games that we will be in a year’s time should not be an issue in the conventional, it will not be like anything we’ve ever seen,” said Toshiro Muto, chief executive officer of the local organising committee, said on Friday (15). He avoided going into detail about how it would be done on this issue if the pandemic is to proceed with too many cases until 2021. The matches will be played between the 23rd July and the 8th of August.

The need for social distancing has been maintained up to the olympics, some of the studies already provide for the committee to be able to rethink a number of factors, to the conduct of the games. One of them is, for example, can be in the Olympic Village. The location should be the 11-thousand athletes in the olympics, and about 4,400 paralympic games in small apartments.

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The gathering of the natural in the residences of the provisional of the athletes may be a risk of contamination, as well as the journey of a trip to Tokyo. There is no doubt also about the presence of fans at the games.

With many challenges ahead, the committee will also collect information to make their own decisions. And one of them is going to be about how you’re going to spend the$ 800-million (about$ 4.7 billion) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will be provided to the local authority as a way to compensate for the postponement of the game. Of this amount,$ 150 million will be allocated to national committees and associations.

According to estimates by the japanese press, and the overhead costs of the postponement of the games, ranging between$ 2 billion and$ 6 billion ($35 billion). For this reason, a general in the organizing committee, is to cut down on costs. “We’re looking for a space to cut in every area possible. This is the time to review what is really essential to the game. What are your must haves? I think we are going to create a new olympiad and paralympiad, something that’s unique to Tokyo,” said the Cousin.

When you have earned the right to host the games seven years ago, the leaders of the japanese evaluated that the games would cost about US$ 7 billion (Us$ 41 billion). Now, it is expected to disburse a US$ 12.6 billion. However, in a report on the audit of the government pointed out that the expenses you may get when you double that. Of this amount,$ 5.6 billion in taxpayers ‘ money.