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The american actress, filmmaker, activist, humanitarian, american, Angelina Jolie, promises to chronicle the most intimate details of her life in the book is autobiographical. The secrets involving his marriage and divorce to actor and producer Brad Pitt will be in the center of the plot. But there is more to this story. Jolie is going to speak about the projects, which are both friend and foe. Round, balanced, with a period of six kids, it will also be featured. The work is still being written.

Beautiful goal by Lionel Messi

The disclosure

The soccer ace Lionel Messi, has made a significant donation to the institutions that deal with patients infected with the coronavirus. By means of the Foundation of Garrahan, hospital, argentines were given an amount of 500 million euros (equivalent to R$ 3.1 million). The money was enough to buy five of the imported equipment for the ventilation of the high-frequency ventilators, and Personal protective equipment. The main beneficiaries have been the patients who are in critical condition. Messi has also provided funding to the hospital in Catalonia, Spain. One more goal from an attacking midfielder for the Spanish side.

Ana de Armas this is the new Bond Girl

The actress is in cuba Ana de Armas is currently holding on to the anxiety for the first time in the new film in the franchise “James Bond”.
The bond girl is supporting the decision by the studio to postpone the screening of the film during a pandemic. Anne attracts the attention of the brazilian film, “Steve”, in a partnership, romantic, with Wagner Moura. In real life, cuba is the new love interest of actor Ben Affleck.

Fábio Porchat e in their lives, and the policies

The disclosure

The comedian and presenter-Fabio Porchat he decided to go back into the world of interviews, and policy. He started a conversation with the former brazilian president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, on their Live, on Instagram. The conversation lasted about 1: 30 and the OFFICE created its own profile on a social network exclusively for it. Porchat is quite keen to let the discussion of the political light, and fernando henrique cardoso said that the president’s jair bolsonaro is so hopeless, you just need to get the minister to Paul’s Effort.

The choice of name is perfect

Bruno Gagliasso

The couple is considered to be the most darling of all social networks, Giovanna Ewbank e Bruno Gagliasso, you are pregnant is not new to us. the thing is that your daughter, Titi (6 years old), and of the son, Bless (5 years ago), they are both adopted and were born in Malawi and chose it for the name of the baby that is on the way: Zyan. the new heir, it should come in during the month of July. there’s little left to complete the happiness of the family.

Rafa Brites faz a surprise for her husband, Felipe Andreoli, host of the Globe’s Sports. She bought contact lenses over the internet, Rappi has delivered, and his brown eyes turned blue. And the joy on the inside.

Anyone who has styled, safe up to the top. The ex-soccer player David Beckham, has joined the shaved hair because he was going bald in the years to come. Everything he does becomes a trend. Stay tuned for his followers.

The comedian Tatá Werneck said to live in the excitement of the first Day of the new “Date” Fatima Bernardes: ‘God, I just want to be able to watch my daughter grow up”.

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