The sisters of Kim Kardashian have been accused of copying a collection of lingerie


Klauber Bros. Inc. sues the sisters for breach of copyright

Sisters: Kylie, 22, and Kendall Jenner, 24, is currently being processed by the copy, a line of lingerie for the Klauber Ranch. Inc. According to the company, they have released models that means that they have designs that are quite specific, and that would have been followed by the business.

The Klauber Ranch. Inc. it is the processing of the two-in-Justice, because it has no copyright on those works. According to the website TMZ, the documents show that the trade mark Has Thong Panties then uses one of the patterns of the lace from Klauber on the waist of some pants in her collection. The same was true for one item in the collection, the Kylie + Kendall.

In the process, the company claims that the sisters are making up for breeding them, and selling these products in retail stores and online, without the permission of the trade mark, which holds the copyright. The intention of the company to receive all of the benefits that the sisters had with the sale of the parts.

This is not the first time that the family’s Kardashian’s having problems with his brand of underwear. Last year, Kim Kardashian, at 38, he has had to change the name of the collection, after being accused of cultural appropriation.

The term kimono (kimono, in other words, it means “something that one uses, it has been used by Kim as a play on words with your name on it, but it was quickly linked to the traditional clothing of japan.

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The announcement of the name has caused a storm on social media last week, where Kim has been accused of cultural appropriation. On Twitter, the hastag #KimOhNo reached the trending topics. The mayor of Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, and Daisaku Kadokawa, has come to ask you to reconsider your decision.