The Taylor Swift Show, “the City of a Lover the Concert,” which was recorded in Paris and will be shown on TELEVISION in the United States


Unable to go out on tour, in the year of 2020 because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and is forced to postpone his “Lover Fest Tour” in 2021, taylor Swift decided to release a show, a first for broadcast TV in the United States.

We’re talking about the “City of the Lover the Concert’, recorded at the Paris, France, in September 2019, as a show of support for the release of the album, “Lover.”

The one-hour and will air on Saturday the 17th of may, for the ABC channel and will be available for streaming in the next day with an exclusive on the service, Disney+, and Hulu, both of which are still not available officially in Brazil.

This One’s Easy.

To advertise in the special, Taylor Swift appeared in the video to Good Morning America on Friday (08), and he talked a little bit about the show.

“Okay, I’ve done this show, and in September named ‘The City of a Lover the Concert’ – and that was in Paris, and it was a lot of fun. In fact, it was a show that we’ve put together just to celebrate the release of the album ‘the Lover’. And we will take it!!! It’s going to air on the 17th day of may, the ABC, and the next day it will be on Hulu, and Disney and a+. So I’m really excited about it,” said the singer.

The particular “City of the Lover the Concert” this is not a complete novelty for the fans of Taylor Swift. In February of this year, the singer has released a cut-out of a special show for the release of the album “Lover” on their official channel on YouTube.

The band chose to give this a little taste of what was to come for the fans of “The Man,” performed by Taylor, with just a guitar and accompanied by a chorus of other voices in the audience singing along with her in unison.

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