Anitta gets Katy-Perry-live on Instagram: “do You speak in Brazil – Who


Anitta gets Katy Perry live

Anitta gets Katy Perry live ” (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Anitta he opened her Instagram for a live, on the night of Thursday, (14), and he received an invited to illustrate: the singer Katy Perrywho is pregnant with her first child, a daughter with the actor Orlando Bloom.

Anitta has opened up the conversation, and it was pasma and when he saw that I had accepted his invitation to join in on the conversation. “Hey, queen,” they said one to the other. “We first met here, when I went to a concert of his here in Brazil. We all love you!”, he said Anitta, excited.

“Do you speak in Brazil, it went so far as to say I leaving Anitta thrilled and, of course, has meant that the brazilian retribuísse of praise (watch it by clicking below.

“I present to you, a program at the post-mortem takes place, and I was talking about that today on your show at the Rock in Rio started there. It was amazing!! I loved it so much!”, he said Anitta.

I took the opportunity to promote his new video and song called Daisies that, she said, “it was shot almost entire in my back yard”, which is, of course, their social isolation in the midst of a pandemic of a new coronavirus. “I hope that will bring good vibes to the world, at this time,” said Katy.

In the end, Anitta even invited Katy to do a song together. “Thank you so much! We love you! We’re going to do a song together soon!”. I even thought about it twice: “I’m up! Have a good time. I love you, Brasil!”, completed California.

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